Some Frequently Asked Questions

Baghawat Ramanuja, the revolutionary saint propagated equality in society and “Vasudeva Kudumpakam”. His Philosophy of Visishtadwaita bears in its name “Visishta” meaning unique, distinguished, excellence, respectable, definite, specific etc. Hence the name “VISISHTA” to our venture which is perceived to be “The Unique Play School”.

Balanced combination of Montessori, Kindergarten and Gurukul methods/schools of teaching, developed by experts in teaching

Your child will be in a hygienic, child-friendly environment, the school is under CCTV surveillance. Safety is ensured with fire Extinguishers and security guard.

As the name “Visishta” implies we are unique with,

  • our curriculum
  • teaching methods
  • involvement of Parents
  • field trips
  • exposure to competitions help them build confidence and a good character which prepare them  to be good citizens

A Visishtaite, who gets graduated from our school, will be competent and confident take entrance tests in any schools, irrespective of the syllabus for their 1st standard admission.

Our school children are taught to be confident and they are preferred by our neighboring High Schools even without tie ups.

The best ratio of student to teacher
(Students: teachers: assistants)

Visishta is a home away from home, and a motherly figure in teachers will make your child comfortable.

Highly Reasonable fee structure, Value for money ( as experienced by our Parents fraternity).

We request you to Please Compare quality, comfort to your kid and “Visishta Advantage” in gaining Confidence, competence, and Character, you will find Value for money.

New normal due to pandemic has changed the way of learning. For kids although it might be difficult at the initial phase, we are experiencing that children have adjusted well and they have turned to be very interactive and Spontaneous within few days with the support of parents.

As per the instructions of govt and keeping in mind the health of children,teaching hours has been fixed.

Each class has 2 teachers to support and guide the children, so that they tend to get the classroom atmosphere.

Digital worksheets, both interactive and printable will be posted in the google classroom ,Periodical assessments , for all three terms will be conducted online
with digitally designed papers.

Yoga and physical exercises are also a part of our curriculum ,An hour spent on joyful learning with interactive academic sessions will strengthen their ability to communicate & interest to learn more.

Visishta follows Cbses syllabus, Ncert curriculum under open basic education (OBE) of Nios.

Yes, considering the difficulty of working parents , recorded sessions are available.

Activity based learning with math,science and English labs,Value education, Yoga for physical and mental development.Activities for cognitive and language development.

Periodical Online assessments and Virtual Parents teachers meet, keeps you in track of the childs performance.

Our teachers are graduates and post graduates with ECCE,Montessori ,and Nursery certification , they have several years of experience in handling preschoolers. Added on now they have been trained to handle online sessions successfully.

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